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Gunawan Jusuf's Informed Perspective on Resource Scarcity

September 13, 2023

Gunawan Jusuf's astute awareness centers on the crucial role natural resources play, not only within his own business but across various industries. This profound understanding compelled him to author and publish "Blue Gold," a book that elucidates the global challenges associated with water—a vital element essential to life and commerce, despite its relative scarcity. Gunawan Jusuf underscores the immense value and significance of water as a precious commodity, advocating for more effective conservation efforts.

In his capacity as the CEO of the Sugar Group Companies, Gunawan Jusuf has fervently pursued expansive growth for a multitude of popular sugar products in Indonesia. Among these, Gulaku stands as a prominent brand name, synonymous with premium refined sugar. However, the product portfolio extends well beyond this singular item, as he has diligently overseen the development and expansion of numerous offerings. Evidently, water assumes paramount importance to Gunawan Jusuf as the leader of a consortium of Indonesia-based companies dedicated to sugar cultivation and refinement, a perspective deeply rooted in his operational endeavors.